The Ngor Declaration on Sanitation and Hygiene, adopted by African Ministers responsible for sanitation and hygiene at AfricaSan4, provided a vision of universal access to sanitation and hygiene and an end to open defecation, and outlined the strong enabling environment required to secure that vision.  Government commitments towards this vision have since been followed up and monitored by AMCOW and the AfricaSan International Taskforce.  Accomplishing the Ngor Vision however, will require not only strong government leadership but also a concerted effort by all stakeholders to work collaboratively to strengthen progress across the Ngor Commitments. 

AfricaSan5 provided an opportunity for stakeholder groups to reflect on the role they each play in achieving the Ngor Commitments to Sanitation and Hygiene in Africa.  Each sector dialogue group set out concrete actions that will be taken in advance of the next AfricaSan conference to contribute to the overall Ngor Vision and commitments.  AMCOW is working with the different sector groups to establish a mechanism by which these actions can be incorporated into the Ngor Commitment monitoring processes and be reported back at AfricaSan6.