AfricaSan6 THEMES

Accelerating Access to Safe Sanitation and Hygiene in Africa at SDG+5 and Covid-19 era

SUB-THEME #1: Inclusive Policy and Strategy for Accelerating Sanitation and Hygiene Improvement in Africa

This sub-theme will have sessions focused around:

  • The role AMCOW’s ASPG in improving the enabling environment for sanitation in Africa.

  • Policy to Action: ASPG and country-wide access to sanitation and ending Open Defecation –

  • Mapping/identifying and targeting the most vulnerable for transparent and timely support (technical and if possible financial)

  • Participatory policy making

  • Sanitation and Gender

  • Sustainability of sanitation facilities and services,

  • Participatory and inclusive planning at national and subnational levels for sanitation improvement

  • High-level political leadership commitment for Sanitation improvement (at various levels of public administration in countries)

  • National vs Subnational policy, strategy and action plans with budgets

  • Sector strengthening measures to create congenial environment for private sector participation on delivery of improved sanitation facilities and service



SUB-THEME #2: Bridging the human resource gap for sanitation and hygiene in Africa


This sub-theme will have sessions focusing on the following area:


  • Assessing the human capacity gap for sanitation at national and subnational level

  • Policy making for capacity improvement

  • Monitoring and evaluating human capacity for sanitation improvement

  • Planning and budgeting for sanitation and hygiene capacity

  • Opportunities for bridging the sanitation capacity gaps

  • Monitoring for efficiency and effectiveness of quality construction and standards



SUB-THEME #3: Fecal Sludge Management, Green Economy and Climate Change

Sessions in this sub-theme will highlight:

  • FSM as the key to accelerating sanitation uptake

  • CWIS – a model that works in Africa

  • Innovative technologies for closing the loop on FSM

  • Best practices for FSM/Green Economy and Climate Change


SUB-THEME #4: Improving Hygiene in Africa: Building on the Momentum of COVID Era Hand Hygiene


Possible discussion areas will include:


  • Hygiene for the vulnerable in pandemics and epidemics

  • Sustaining behaviour change post pandemic

  • Innovation hygiene approaches for emergencies

CROSSCUTTING SUB-THEME: Securing innovative financing for water, sanitation and hygiene in financially challenging times

Under the conference cross cutting sub theme, the sanitation and hygiene strand will focus on::

  • Inclusive Hygiene budgeting

  • Sanitation as business and wealth creation as well as a source of employment for the youth

  • Opportunities for innovative financing for sanitation and hygiene

  • Challenges for securing inclusive sanitation financing